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Remy Marton

Producer/DJ - EDM DUBSTEP 

Phone: 714-861-9636

Date of Birth:

July 13, 1999

FVJIWARA, otherwise known as Remington (Remy) Marton, is an up and coming 22 year old producer/DJ based out of Colorado Springs, CO. His energy on stage is unmatched while seamlessly blending genres such as dubstep, bass house, and future bass. The sound design in FVJIWARA’s original content allows his music to flow through the audience leaving them with a sudden urge to dance. His unique sounds stem from his love and passion for bass music, finding influence from artists such as Subtronics, Excision, and Calcium.  

FVJIWARA's Personal Bio

Born and raised in Huntington Beach California, Remington Fujiwara Marton was very active growing up as a soccer player, surfer, skater, snowboarder, jiu-jitsu, model, and AP student. He started his true youth passion of soccer at age three and by six he was playing up on competitive U9 teams. Remy started on the #1 ranked team in the country at age 14, invited to ID camp for USSDA, and was recruited to US Air Force Academy DI team. Remy broke his jaw in a soccer game his senior year and decided against AF Academy Soccer after the accident. He quickly found a true interest in his creative side working in graphic design, and audio/video production.


In mid 2019, Remy was tasked by friends to build a dubstep set for a party. He had so much fun and received so many compliments, Remy decided to learn, mix and produce in Ableton. A year later, Remy met DJ's Shaggy and Matt at a bar in Leadville during a snowboarding trip and was thrown into his very first B2B. He realized music production and mixing was his calling. He got Ableton, a DDJ-1000, and went to work. A few months later, Remy met Christian, AKA Zygon of Abyssal Cartel opening for G-Rex in the Springs, and they've been collaborating since. 2021 was FVJIWARA’s first official debut at 40 Thieves. He was quickly identified around town as a talented, energetic DJ and producer. He has since been invited to play several shows, a festival, opened for Crizzly at Sunshine Studios, got a like from Jessica Audiffred on IG, and has been collaborating with many artists.


Remy has built a passion for the industry, a respect from his colleagues, and has a goal to be a professional producer, DJ, and teacher. Remy took the business approach while spending every spare moment educating himself and developing his skills at music production, trademarked his stage name FVJIWARA for his music and merchandise. With influences like Dion Timmer, Subtronics and Kompany, Remy puts on a great show, engaging the audience with his energetic stage presence, creative original sound designs, clever mixology, graphics, lights, and lasers.

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